SNI 19-7117.12 Standard Set --- S-38

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Get this isokinetic sampling method set to ensure you can sample immediately at a stack/chimney upon unpacking according to Indonesian National Standard SNI 19-7117.12. Includes all equipment as mentioned in Section 4.3 except the following: 4.3b, d, g(changed to dry gas meter), k, l, m(changed to 100mL). And of Gambar 1 "Rangaian alat pengambil contoh total partikel" except: I (changed to 250mL impingers), J, T (changed to dry gas meter). Instrument for gas composition analysis (Gas Analyzers) and chemicals (silica gel, deionized distilled water, ice, acetone etc.) and certain sample collection/recovery items (Part 23, 26, 27) and all sample analysis items (analytical balances) excluded.

Components (r1):

1x K-157 Glass Nozzles Kit
1x K-191 Nozzle Fittings Kit, 16mm w/o backer
1x PN-330 MKOR Heater Box Assembly
1x PN-380 Impinger Box Assembly, Large
1x PN-379 Umbilical Cord Adapter Assembly
1x K-180 Cyclone Bypass Kit
1x K-156 Glass Filter Holder Kit 
1x K-151 Double "L" Connector with Thermocouple Assembly Kit 
4x PN-493 Impinger Bottle, 500ml
3x K-173 Plain Impinger Insert Kit
1x K-171 Greenburg Smith Impinger Insert Kit
3x PN-605 Impinger Connector 
12x PN-342 Ball Joint Clamp S28 
1x PN-1036 MREK 504 Meter Console Assembly, 220V
1x PN-357 Leak Free Stack Testing Pump Assembly
1x PN-953 Manual, MREK 502 
1x PN-325 Type K Thermocouple Simulator Assembly
1x PN-321 Angle Indicator
1x K-182 Bull's Eye Level Kit
1x K-150 Critical Orifice Kit
1x PN-388 Barometer
1x PN-401 Probe Brush Head, PTFE
1x K-164 Nozzle Brush Kit 
3x PN-385 Bottle, LDPE, Wide Mouth, 1 Liter
1x PN-418 Tweezer, SS 
2x PN-412 Funnel, PE
1x PN-391 Graduated Cylinder, Glass, 100ml
1x PN-395 Glass Fiber Filters, Round, 82mm
1x PN-403 Probe Brush Extension, 6ft
3x PN-639 Petri Dish, Glass, 3"
1x PN-359 Umbilical Cord Assembly
1x K-184 Plain Glass Probe Liner Kit, 6ft
2x PN-389 Wash Bottle, LDPE, 250ml
1x PN-362 Combination Probe Assembly, 6ft
1x PN-326 Riser Box Extender Assembly



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