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K-150 critical orifice kit a1

Critical Orifice Kit --- K-150

  • $536.00



1x PN-738
Critical Orifice Assembly, Size 400[EACH]
1x PN-739
Critical Orifice Assembly, Size 480[EACH]
1x PN-740
Critical Orifice Assembly, Size 550[EACH]
1x PN-741
Critical Orifice Assembly, Size 630[EACH]
1x PN-742
Critical Orifice Assembly, Size 730[EACH]
1x K-174 Box, Critical Orifice, with sticker, Kit [EACH]


Use this to calibrate the dry gas meter of the various metering consoles.
Comes in akit of five orifice (standard) sizes (of five different nominal flow rates)

Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other components?

Aer Sampling recommends that critical orifices be calibrated at least once a year.
Aer Sampling's critical orifices shall only be calibrated in vacuum mode (i.e. critical orifice be upstream of the vacuum pump). Results from calibration in non-vacuum modes (i.e. critical orifice is downstream of the pump; pump is "pushing" gas into the critical orifice) is not comparable.
Critical orifice has to reach critical ("sonic", "choked" velocity) conditions to be usable.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section 16.2.2 (Critical Orifice Calibration), USEPA Method 5

Additional ordering/shipping procedures:

Avoid vibration and/or shock.
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