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Calibration of Critical Orifice --- PN-773

Calibration of Critical Orifice --- PN-773

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Meets or exceeds the following methods/laws/requirements:

Section 16.2.2 (Critical Orifice Calibration), US EPA Method 5

Product Description

Aer Sampling offers inspection/calibration service for your critical orifice(s). We recommend you calibrate your critical orifice(s) once every 12 months.

A calibration certificate will be issued:

  • The critical orifices are calibrated according to US EPA Method 5 (US CFR Title 40, Part 60, Appendix A, Test Method 5) Section 16.2.2, using a dry gas meter calibrated according to US EPA Method 5, Section 10.3, and other reference instruments with calibrations traceable to the International System of Units (SI).

Product Specifications

The standard turnaround time* is 10 working days, beginning the day after we receive both your payment and item(s), in the time zones in which our calibration laboratories are located.

Turnaround time is invalid if item requires repair, and additional time are needed.

 Parameter/ Equipment Range CMC (±) Comments
Critical Orifices

0.0050 to 0.400 m3/min


US EPA Method 5, Section 16.2.2 (K')

At 20 C, 760 mmHg

CMC: Calibration and Measurement Capability Uncertainty. This is the best measurement uncertainty that we can achieve currently. None of our subsequent work can be better (with less uncertainty) than this number.


Other Information

Pre-calibration Inspection*

Your item(s) will be inspected upon receipt to determine if calibration is possible. If your item(s) passes this inspection, it will be added into the calibration queue.

If your item(s) fails this inspection, you will need a Repair Service (PN-772) before the calibration.

How To Order

Please make an order online (through the website) or offline (by emailing us or calling your local toll-free number or the nearest Regional Sales Office). 

The pricing above is per one critical orifice (one flowrate). Please ensure that you select the correct quantity before checkout. If you wish to calibrate for a kit of critical orifices (five flowrates), please select (5) at the quantity section.

For offline orders, a proforma invoice/quotation will be issued to you upon ordering with detailed shipping instructions. Please follow these shipping instructions to avoid any unnecessary (and additional) charges (billable to you, including time spent, to be paid in full before any calibration certificates/reports are issued).

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more details on shipping and other charges.

*Not applicable to calibration ordered when purchasing Aer Sampling’s Critical Orifice

Related topics: ISO/IEC 17025, ILAC MRA, scope of accreditation, traceability


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