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Glass Filter Holder Kit --- K-156

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1x PN-620 Filter Holder, Glass, 3", Inlet
1x PN-756 Filter Holder, Glass, 3", Outlet
1x PN-545 O Ring, Glass Ball Joints
1x PN-664 Filter Holder Bracket, 3", Aluminum
1x PN-665 Filter Holder Bracket, 3", Aluminum, Threaded
1x PN-476 Filter Support, 3", PTFE
2x PN-441 O Ring, 3" Filter Support
4x PN-514 Screw, Pan Head, M6x40, Stainless Steel
4x PN-515 Nut, Wing, M6, Stainless Steel



To hold filter in the MKOR Heater Box.
Borosilicate glass
PTFE filter support


Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other components?

Placed inside the MKORTM Heater Box. Connected to a Double "L" Connector with the Thermocouple Assembly extending into the back of the Filter Holder near the glass fiber filter.


Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section (Filter Heating System), USEPA Method 5
Section 2.1.1 (Filter Support), USEPA Method 23
Section 6.2.4 (Filter housing), ISO 9096:2003(E)


Additional ordering/shipping procedures:

Filters sold separately.Please refer to the FAQs page for shipping and other charges.


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