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S-28 USEPA method 5 sampling train schematic a1

USEPA Method 5 Basic Set

  • $14,098.00

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Meets or exceeds the following methods/laws/requirements:

US EPA Method 5:

Section 6.1 (Sample Collection) but excluding section 6.1.3: Gas Density Determination Equipment (Gas Analyzers) and chemicals (silica gel, deionized distilled water, ice, acetone)

Section 6.2 (Sample Recovery - except balances).

Product Description

Start isokinetic sampling (smoke-stack testing) using US EPA Method 5 (Particulate Matter or Dust) upon unpacking. This set uses Aer Sampling’s Standard Configuration where the full-length heating box—MKORTM Heater Box (Hot Box), the Box Extender (Riser Box) and the Impinger Box (Cold Box) is hung onto a monorail and move in or out the porthole of the chimney/stack, while traversing the smoke-stack.

Other Applicable Documents:


Product Specifications

Minimum porthole inside diameter needed: ~4 in. (10 cm)

100-127 V / 60 Hz --- S-48
220-240 V / 50 Hz --- S-28

Other Information

Consider buying additional glassware in case of accidental breakage during sampling.
Consider buying transport cases if you will be traveling too far from your main offices.

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Catalog ID Catalog/Product Name Obsolete Catalog IDs
S-48 100-127V USEPA Method 5 Basic Set -
S-28 220-240V USEPA Method 5 Basic Set  US-M5



Bill of Materials (BOM)

What does this product contain? (r6/r13):

The following items are included. Click the Catalog ID below to view individual components of this product.

S/N Catalog ID
Quantity Item Name
1 K-150 x1 Critical Orifice Kit [EACH]
2 K-151 x1 Double "L" Connector with Thermocouple
Assembly Kit [EACH]
3 K-156 x1 Glass Filter Holder Kit, 3" [EACH]
4 K-157 x1 Glass Nozzles Kit [EACH]
5 K-164 x1 Nozzle Brush Kit [EACH]
6 K-171 x1 Greenburg Smith Impinger Insert Kit [EACH]
7 K-173
x3 Plain Impinger Insert Kit [EACH]
8 K-180 x1 Cyclone Bypass, glass, with o-ring Kit [EACH]
9 K-182
x1 Bull's Eye Level Kit [EACH]
10 K-184 x1 Plain Glass Probe Liner Kit, 6ft [EACH]
11 K-191
Nozzle Fittings Kit, 16mm [EACH]
12 K-210 x1 Type K Thermocouple Simulator Kit [EACH]
13 PN-321 x1 Angle Indicator [EACH]
14 PN-342
x12 Ball Joint Clamp #28 [EACH]
15 PN-357 or PN-1278 x1 Leak-Free Stack Testing Pump Assembly 
16 PN-364 or PN-876
x1 Probe Heater, 6' [EACH]
17 PN-379 x1 Umbilical Cable Adapter Assembly [EACH]
18 PN-380 x1 Impinger Box Assembly, Large [EACH]
19 PN-385 x3 Bottle, LDPE, Wide Mouth, 1 Liter [EACH]
20 PN-388 x1 Barometer [EACH]
21 PN-389
x2 Wash Bottle, LDPE, 250ml [EACH]
22 PN-391 x1 Graduated Cylinder, Glass, 100ml [EACH]
23 PN-395 x1 Glass Fiber Filters, Round, 82mm [EACH]
24 PN-401 x1 Probe Brush Head, PTFE [EACH]
25 PN-403 x1 Probe Brush Extension, 6ft [EACH]
26 PN-412
x2 Funnel, PE [EACH]
27 PN-418 x1 Tweezer, SS [EACH]
28 PN-493
x4 Glass Impinger Bottle, 500ml [EACH]
29 PN-605
x3 Impinger Connector, glass [EACH]
30 PN-639
x3 Petri Dish, Glass, 3" [EACH]
31 PN-953 x1 Manual, MREK Series Console [EACH]
32 PN-1381
x1 Probe Sheath, 6ft [EACH]
33 PN-1379 x1 Umbilical Cable Assembly, 100ft,
w/o Orsat line [EACH]
34 PN-1272 or PN-1342
x1 MREK 504 Meter Console Assembly [EACH]
35 PN-1279 or PN-1382 x1 MKOR Heater Box and Box Extender
Assembly [EACH]
36 PN-773 x5 Calibration of Critical Orifice [EACH]
37 PN-1483 x1 Calibration of Dry Gas Meter [EACH]
38 PN-1484 x1 Calibration of Temperature Sensor [EACH]

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