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SNI 19-7117.12 Handy (Add On) Set --- S-35

  • $1,974.00

To enable sampling using the Aer Sampling "Handy Configuration" sampling train. Fulfills requirements of Indonesian National Standard SNI 19-7117.12. The "Handy Configuration" reduces the size and weight of the portion of the sampling train that needs to be supported. Please purchase the SNI 19-7117.12 Standard Set (S-38) to use this add-on set.


1x PN-328 KRIS Heater (Handy) Assembly
1x PN-331 Handy Power Box Assembly
1x PN-383 Strain Relief Assembly, Impinger Inlet
1x PN-335 Unheated Sampling Line, Handy, 10ft
1x PN-369 Probe Liner Assembly, Plain Ends, Stainless Steel, 6ft


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