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unheated sampling line handy a1 coiled view

Unheated Sampling Line, Handy

  • $287.00


For use in Aer Sampling's Handy Configuration Sampling Train. To connect KRIS Heater (Handy) to first impinger.



Length: 10ft
Internal walls: PTFE lined 316 stainless steel
External: 316 stainless steel 1/2" OD tube
Head (Upstream/Nearer to stack): 5/8" full flow socket with Type K Thermocouple
Tail (Downstream/Away from stack): #28 socket


Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other components?

Store this product loosely (i.e. don't coil it to tightly) to avoid shortening lifespan.
Can also be used with a Liner, SS, Full Flow is a filter is not necessary (e.g. sampling for moisture content, gaseous pollutants etc.).


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