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USEPA SW-846 VOST Method 0031 (Add-on) Set

  • $2,236.00

Meets or exceeds the following methods/laws/requirements:

US EPA SW-846 Test Method 0031:

Section 1.8
Section 4.1 (Sampling train) excluding section and chemicals (Tenax®-GC, Anasorb®-747, and charcoal)
Section 4.2 (Solverall® washers)
Section 7.3.2

Product Description

Start your sample collection (non-isokinetic smoke-stack testing) using US EPA SW-846 Test Method 0031 (Sampling Method Volatile Organic Compound or SMVOC) upon unpacking. This sampling train which also better known as the Volatiles Organic Sampling Train (VOST), can be used to sample for both Volatile Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents (POHCs - boiling points less than 212 ºF / 100 ºC) in Test Method 0030 and those Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) mentioned in Test Method 0031 (boiling point between -59 ºF / -15 ºC and 250 ºF / 121 ºC).

It is used to collect a 20-L sample of flue gas emitted by stationary sources of air pollution, such as hazardous waste incinerators. It operates at a sampling rate of 1 L/min and requires trap replacement every 20 minutes for a total sampling time of 2 hours. The traps are then analysed using thermal desorption purge-and-trap gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

Requires some items from the USEPA Method 5 Basic Set to function.

Other Applicable Documents:

Product Specifications

Minimum porthole inside diameter needed: ~1.75 in. (45 mm)

Click on the links in the BOM tables below to view the specifications of individual components of this product.

Other Information

Reagents and chemicals (i.e., Tenax®-GC, Anasorb®-747, charcoal, and silica gel) are NOT included.

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Bill of Materials (BOM)

What does this product contain? (r6):

The following items are included. Click the Catalog ID below to view individual components of this product.

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 PN-1053 x1 VOST Glassware Case Assembly [EACH]




x1 100-127 or 220-240 V, Miniature Probe with Heater Assembly [EACH]
3 PN-856 x1 3ft Glass Probe Liner with Cup [EACH]
4 PN-1048 x1 Mini Submersible Pump Assembly, 220-240V [EACH]
5 PN-912 x1 External Rotameter Assembly [EACH]
6 PN-862 x1 3-Way PTFE Stopcock [EACH]
7 PN-865 x1 Silica Gel Trap [EACH]
8 PN-863 x2 Vertical Condenser [EACH]
9 PN-864 x1 Water Trap [EACH]
10 PN-866 x4 Empty Adsorption Cartridge [EACH]
11 PN-910 x1 6 mm PTFE Straight Union [EACH]
12 PN-867 x2 16x8 mm Silicon Sealing Ring [EACH]
13 PN-423 x5 16x6 mm Silicon Sealing Ring [EACH]
14 PN-424 x5 Thermocouple Screw Cap [EACH]
15 PN-351 x12 Submersible Pump Tubing [FT]
16 PN-798 x2 PFA Tubing [FT]
17 PN-967 x1 Handy Power Box Assembly with Support [EACH]


What does this product need to work? (r6):

Items not included in this set/kit but are needed to make this set/kit works. We assume you already have the items below 

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 S-28
x1 USEPA Method 5 Basic Set [EACH]

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