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Aer Sampling product image PN-798 PFA tubing viewed from top

PFA Tubing --- PN-798

  • $4.00

Meets or exceeds the following methods/laws/requirements:


Section 6.1.1 (Probe), US EPA Method 7

Product Description

A Teflon® tubing for various uses (e.g., connecting condensers, as a flexible probe) in Aer Sampling’s sampling train.

This product connects to the following (non-exhaustive) list of products from Aer Sampling:

  1. PN-1236 --- USEPA Method 7 Probe Clamp Assembly
  2. K-160 --- USEPA Method 7 Flask Kit
  3. PN-424 --- Thermocouple Screw Cap
Other Applicable Documents:


Product Specifications

Material and Temperature:

Material Maximum Temperature Recommended Maximum Working Temperature
Teflon® PFA 500 ºF (260 ºC)  -


Product dimension:

English unit Metric unit
Length 10 ft ~3 m
Outer Diameter (OD) 0.25 inch 6.35 mm
Inner Diameter (ID) ~0.17 inch 4.35 mm 

Weight (Gravitational):
 lbs / kg

Packing dimensions (Length x Width x Height):
English (inch): 
Metric (cm):

Other Information

All our products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and one-month technical support for free. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more details.


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