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S-27 USEPA method 5 aer handy add-on set schematic a1

USEPA Method 5 Handy (Add-on) Set

  • $1,512.00

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Meets or exceeds the following methods/laws/requirements:

US EPA Method 5:

Section 6.1 (Sample Collection) but excluding section 6.1.3: Gas Density Determination Equipment (Gas Analyzers) and chemicals (silica gel, deionized distilled water, ice, acetone)

Section 6.2 (Sample Recovery - except balances).

Product Description

Start isokinetic sampling (smoke-stack testing) using US EPA Method 5 (Particulate Matter or Dust) upon unpacking. This add-on set uses Aer Sampling’s Handy Configuration where the size and weight of the sampling train is further reduced. Ideal for sampling in limited space.

Requires the USEPA Method 5 Basic Set (which uses Aer Sampling’s Standard Configuration) to use this add-on set.

Other Applicable Documents:

Product Specifications

Minimum porthole inside diameter needed: ~4 in. (10 cm) 

100-127 V / 60 Hz --- S-51
220-240 V / 50 Hz --- S-27

Other Information

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Catalog ID Catalog/Product Name Obsolete Catalog ID(s)
S-51 100-127V USEPA Method 5 Handy (Add-on) Set -
S-27 220-240V USEPA Method 5 Handy (Add-on) Set  US-M5-2



Bill of Materials (BOM)

What does this product contain? (r0/r1):

The following items are included. Click the Catalog ID below to view individual components of this product.

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 PN-328 or PN-873 x1 KRIS Heater (Handy) Assembly [EACH]
2 PN-331
Handy Power Box Assembly [EACH]
3 PN-383
Strain Relief Assembly, Impinger Inlet [EACH]
4 PN-335
Unheated Sampling Line, Handy, 10ft [EACH]
5 PN-369
6 ft SUS Probe Liner (Type A) Assembly [EACH]


What does this product need to work? (r0/r1):

Items not included in this set/kit but are needed to make this set/kit works. We assume you already have the items below 

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 S-28
x1 USEPA Method 5 Basic Set [EACH]

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