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S-24 USEPA method 17 sampling train schematic a1

USEPA Method 17 (Add-on) Set --- S-24

  • $1,367.00

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To enable sampling using USEPA Method 17 (In-stack Filter). Please purchase the USEPA Method 5 Standard Set (S-28) to use this add-on set.


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Doc ID: AERHQWW-s-24-en
Last revised (Excluding prices): 2; 09.11.20 
Previous (Obsolete) Catalog ID: US-M17



Components (r2):

The following items are included. Click Catalog ID to visit individual product page.

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 PN-946 x1 SUS In-stack Thimble Filter Holder Assembly [EACH]
2 K-205
x1 Pitot Tube Tip Replacement Kit [EACH]
3 PN-1111
X1 25x90 mm Thimble Glass Fiber Filters, 25pc/box [EACH]
4 PN-1389 x1 S-type Extended 302 Offset Pitot Tube Tip Assembly [EACH]
5 PN-1394 x1 O-ring, Silicon Rubber 394 [EACH]
6 PN-331 x1 Handy Power Box Assembly [EACH]
7 PN-333
Strain Relief Assembly, In-stack Filter [EACH]
8 PN-335
x1 10 ft Unheated Sampling Line, Handy [EACH]
9 PN-371
x1 6 ft SUS Probe Liner (Type B) Assembly [EACH]
10 PN-383
Strain Relief Assembly, Impinger Inlet [EACH]


Required Items (r2):

Items not included in this set/kit but is needed to make this set/kit works. We assume you already have the items below. 

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 S-28 or S-48 x1 USEPA Method 5 Standard Set