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Accommodations and Daily Expenses Fee --- PN-778

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Product Description

This accommodation and daily expenses fee applies when you order the PN-777 --- On-site Training. Rate is charged per day.

What does it cover?
Our trainer’s accommodation and day-to-day expenses for the duration of the training.

Other Information


  1. Accommodation or lodging is chargeable beginning one night before the first day of the on-site training and ending the night of the last day of the on-site training.
  2. The accommodation cost (USD X per day) is subject to the availability of at least a three-star rating hotel within 10 kilometers of the training site at the time your quotation is prepared.
  3. Daily expenses (USD Y per day) are determined using the cost-of-living index published by the Economist Magazine.

Please contact our Customer Service and Sales Representatives for more information and a quote.


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