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Pitot Tube Tip, S Type, Extended 320 Offset --- PN-374

  • $162.00


For use on combination probe sets to accommodate in-stack filter holder. Designed to prevent water from flowing into differential pressure measuring system.


316 Stainless Steel

Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other products?

Remove old S-type pitot tube tips on Combination Probe Sets or Probe Sheaths and re-attach this back using the same fittings.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section 6.1 (Type S Pitot Tube), USEPA Method 2
Page 23-25, APTD-0581: Constructions Details of Isokinetic Source Sampling Equipment
Section 5.1.2 (Type S Pitot tube), ISO 10780:1994(E)

Additional ordering/shipping procedures:

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