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PN-373 stype pitot tube tip standard a1

Pitot Tube Tip, S Type, Standard --- PN-373

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To replace worn out or damaged standard S-type pitot tube tips on combination probe sets or probe sheaths. Designed to prevent water from flowing into differential pressure measuring system.


316 Stainless Steel 

Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other products?

Remove old S-type pitot tube tips on Combination Probe Sets or Probe Sheaths and re-attach this back using the same fittings.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section 6.1 (Type S Pitot Tube), USEPA Method 2
Page 23-25, APTD-0581: Constructions Details of Isokinetic Source Sampling Equipment
Section 5.1.2 (Type S Pitot tube), ISO 10780:1994(E)

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