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Short Impinger Insert Kit --- K-172

Short Impinger Insert Kit --- K-172

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The top part of the Impinger Set, Short which often suffers breakage on the tip.


1x PN-751 Impinger Insert, Short
2x PN-545 O Ring, Glass Ball Joints


Borosilicate glass
#28 (mm) ball joints

Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other components?

Insert into the Impinger Bottle, 500mL to use.
Cover the top of this impinger insert and the Impinger Connector with something dark and wet to reduce heat during warm weather. This reduces quantity of ice needed.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section (Condenser), USEPA Method 5
Section 6.1.6 (Impinger Train), USEPA Method 26A
Section 6.1.5 (Condenser), USEPA Method 29
Section 6.2.7a1 and 6.2.7b1 (Condenser), ISO 9096:2003(E)

Additional ordering/shipping procedures:

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