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probe liner stainless steel plain ends a1

SUS Probe Liner (Type A) Assembly

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The surface that actually comes into contact with the flue gas sampled from chimneys/stacks. Inserted into probe heater and then probe sheath to use. Order the right type to fit different configurations (Aer Sampling's Standard, Flexible, Handy) or different equipment.


316 Stainless Steel
4ft or 6ft
Head (Upstream/nearer to stack): Plain end
Tail (Downstream/further from stack): Plain end 

Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other products?

316 stainless steel probe liners may be used for stack temperatures up to about 650ºC (1200ºF).

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Section (Probe Liner), USEPA Method 5
Page 23, APTD-0581: Constructions Details of Isokinetic Source Sampling Equipment

Additional ordering/shipping procedures:

None. Please refer to the FAQs page for shipping and other charges.


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