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Pre-repair Inspection Fees --- PN-774

  • $125.00

Product Description

Aer Sampling offers a pre-repair inspection service for your smoke-stack sampling equipment before we perform the actual repair. Please visit Repair Fees, Labor --- PN-772 page for more info.

This pre-repair inspection fee is calculated per item

These (non-exhaustive list) count as one item:

  • Critical Orifice Kit (five individual orifices)
  • Meter Console

Why do we need this?

This pre-repair inspection will allow Aer Sampling to determine the following so that we can bill you accurately:

  1. Labor time (per hour)
  2. The cost of the parts and accessories required to repair your item


Other Information

Please make an order offline (by emailing us or calling your local toll-free number or the nearest Regional Sales Office). 

A proforma invoice/quotation will be issued to you upon ordering with detailed shipping instructions. Please follow these shipping instructions to avoid any unnecessary (and additional) charges (billable to you, including time spent, to be paid in full before any calibration certificates/reports are issued).

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more details on shipping and other charges.


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