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Bull's Eye Level Kit --- K-182

  • $29.00


Use this together with the Angle Indicator to verify/test various dimensions of S-type pitot tubes.




Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other products?

Fit onto pitot tube tips to use.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:


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Doc ID: AERHQWW-k-182-en
Last revised (Excluding prices): 2; 09.11.20
Previous (Obsolete) Catalog ID: PN-322, UC-BE



Components (r2):

The following items are included. Click Catalog ID to visit individual product page.

S/N Catalog ID Quantity Item Name
1 PN-975 1x Bull's Eye Level Mount, PTFE [EACH]
2 PN-293 1x Bull's Eye Level Gauge [EACH]
3 PN-294 1x Screw, Truss Head M3x5, SS [EACH]


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