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JENL 301 Orsat Kit --- K-181

JENL 301 Orsat Kit --- K-181

  • $1,600.00

Aer Sampling's JENL 301 measures Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide concentration (% levels) directly.


1x PN-267 Burette
3x PN-269 Pipette Insert
3x PN-318 Pipette Bottle
1x PN-319 Rubber Tubing
1x PN-320 Three Compartments Tedlar Bag
1x PN-813 Manual, JENL 301
1x PN-268 JENL 301 Orsat Case
1x PN-189 Aspirator Bottle
1x PN-816 Cap, #22 Thread with Seal
3x PN-817 Cap, #30 Thread with Seal, Bored
3x PN-818 Sealing Ring, Silicone, #30


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