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PN-326 box extender a1

Riser Box Extender Assembly --- PN-326

  • $174.00


Attach to a MKORTM Heater Box to make it full length to setup Aer Sampling's USEPA Method 5 Standard Configuration Sampling Train.



Purpose and how to use? Relationship to other products?

The Standard Configuration is where the full length heating box (MKORTM Heater Box and Box Extender and the Impinger Box) is hang onto a monorail and move in or out the porthole of the chimney/stack.
Not necessary if using Aer Sampling's USEPA Method 5 Flexible Configuration or Handy Configuration sampling trains.
The space inside Aer Sampling's Box Extender can be used to store items while conducting sampling.

Relevant texts/methods/requirements:

Figure 10 (Three-dimensional view of sample box), APTD-0581: Constructions Details of Isokinetic Source Sampling Equipment

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